About Us

Government Watch (G-Watch) was established in 2000 to respond to a plethora of corruption scandals involving government officials in the Philippines. For 15 years, G-Watch has undertaken several pioneering work on social accountability, citizen engagement and political reform. It has established linkages with a wide variety of organizations in civil society and development community, as well as with government agencies at the national and local levels. It has recently worked with international research institutes, becoming a close affiliate of the newly-established Accountability Research Center (ARC), to produce research on strategic approaches on Transparency-Participation- Accountability (TPA).

Currently, G-Watch is transitioning from being a university-based social accountability program to an independent organization embedded in a national network of civic and advocacy-oriented organizations, most of whom have been partners of G-Watch in its monitoring initiatives for years with strong presence in at least nine regions in the country.

G-Watch hopes to provide an effective intellectual and civic bridge between the local, national and global arenas in the TPA field, promoting multi-directional dialogues to inform theory and practice in TPA.

Access our Publications for a Vertically integrated civil society monitoring and advocacy in the Philippines.