A G-Watcher's Creed

As a G-Watcher…

1. I believe that the power entrusted to government officials must only be used for the benefit of the people.
2. I believe that the exercise of power has corresponding accountability.
3. I understand that there are four elements of accountability: (1) access to information, (2) accountability mechanisms, (3) response from duty-bearers, and (4) effective citizen action.
4. I am a citizen-monitor. I check government performance and ensure that power is used accordingly.
5. As a citizen-monitor, I am fair, truthful and credible, with due respect for others.

6. I am a defender of citizens’ rights to accountable and responsive governance that I help advance through transparency, participation and innovation.

7. I believe in the power of collective citizens' voice and action to deepen democracy.

8. I am a learner in action. I harness the power that is ingrained in knowledge.

9. I am a change agent. I aim to embody the positive change that the world needs to see.

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