A G-Watcher's Creed

A G-Watcher believes that public office is a public trust. Power and resources entrusted to government officials must only be used for the benefit of the people, for public welfare and according to just rules and laws.

A G-Watcher believes that power and accountability are two sides of the same coin in a democracy - that the exercise of power in public spaces must have corresponding checks and responsibilities because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

A G-Watcher understands that for accountability to work, four elements must be present and working: access to useful information; accountability mechanisms and processes; appropriate and effective response and action from duty-bearers; and strategic citizen action.

A G-Watcher is a citizen monitor. S/he checks government performance and ensures that public power is used and resources are spent accordingly. S/he knows his/her rights and knows what to expect from the government.

A G-Watcher understands that to be an effective and credible citizen-monitor, s/he should be fair, honest/ truthful, credible and with strong sense of dignity and respect for oneself and others.

A G-Watcher makes governance accountable and responsive through transparency, participation and innovation.

A G-Watcher believes in the power of united, interdependent and voluntary citizen voice and action harnessed through strategic alliances to address collective needs and common good.

A G-Watcher is a learner in action. S/he believes in the power of information and knowledge that s/he produces and uses critically, responsibly and through collective and open discussions.

A G-Watcher is a change agent, who participates in political/ public processes to advance the dignity of every person, gender-equality and women empowerment and justice and peace in pluralistic, inclusive and sustainable communities and societies that respect human rights and diversity.

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