G-Watch Run-up To 2022 Elections Activities

G-Watch views the upcoming polls in 2022 as an extremely important terrain that has to be engaged, and that would complement other accountability efforts that are being undertaken before, after and beyond elections. In this light, G-Watch is undertaking a citizenship education initiative that aims to Make Elections an Accountability Platform (MEAP). The first round of MEAP focused on the conduct citizenship education sessions and the convening of multi-stakeholder dialogues.

The 2nd phase of MEAP is taking on the issue of the use of information to make elections an accountability platform. In February, G-Watch’s annual awareness-raising campaign Ako, Ikaw, Tayo May Pananagutan took on the issue of fake news and disinformation. Hundreds participated in varied activities in 10 G-Watch local sites all over the country.

The other critical component of the 2nd phase of MEAP are activities to check on the candidates’ track record and platform on critical issues and agenda, namely the conduct of Local Candidates Forum targeting local candidates in G-Watch sites all over the country and the production and release of FactCheck Briefs covering the key presidential candidates.

Objectives of the Local Candidates Forum

  • Provide a space for candidates and voters to interface and discuss critical issues and agenda.
  • Engage key candidates on issues and agenda deemed priorities of G-Watch, namely: (1) transparency-participation-accountability reform/ anti-corruption; (2) social or poverty reduction programs (4Ps, KALAHI, social protection, etc.); (3) education and health; (4) environment and disaster governance; (5) livelihood and agriculture. 
  • Generate commitments from candidates in advancing G-Watch’s priority agenda that can serve as inputs in engaging the winning candidates once elected.

Local Candidates Forum will be held in Dumaguete, San Miguel, Bohol, Agusan del Sur, Lanao del Sur, Naga, Cebu, Southern Leyte and Palawan.

About MEAP FactCheck

The MEAP FactCheck Briefs review the position, platform and track record of key presidential candidates on issues and agenda G-Watch deemed important and critical.

  • Position refers to the candidates’ pronouncements about the agenda that can be found in printed materials like news, statements or online.
  • Platform refers to the candidates’ plans in tackling the agenda as stated in their official platform.
  • Track record refers to the direct action taken by the candidates in advancing/ realizing the agenda. We determine whether the candidates have taken direct action in terms of bills filed, laws passed, decisions made, programs/ projects personally/ directly championed as stated in official or reliable/ verifiable records.

List of references are provided in every Fact-Check Brief.

Run-Up To 2022 Elections Schedule of Activities 

Below is G-Watch's schedule of activities running up to May 9 polls:

  • April 5 - San Miguel, Bohol Candidates Forum
  • April 9 - Dumaguete Candidates Forum
  • April 10 - Lanao del Sur Candidates Forum
  • April 12 - Southern Leyte Candidates Forum
  • April 13 - Agusan del Sur Candidates Forum
  • April 18 - Naga Candidates Forum
  • April 30 - Cebu Candidates Forum
  • TBA - Palawan Candidates Forum
  • March 28 - Release of Anti-Corruption and Transparency, Participation and Accountability FactCheck 
  • April 4 - Release of Social Protection FactCheck
  • April 11 - Release of Education FactCheck
  • April 18 - Release of Political and Electoral Reform FactCheck
  • April 25 - Release of Health FactCheck