Making Elections an Accountability Platform: G-Watch's Citizenship Education for 2022 (First Round)

The next national election is once again just around the corner. With the COVID-19 crisis, there are a lot of uncertainties in today’s politics and governance. For sure the 2022 polls will be very different given the ongoing health crisis.

While health threats will be a new critical concern that will change the way we campaign and vote, the continuing and worsening threats to democratic processes and values are issues that would also have to be confronted as we prepare for the 2022 elections.

G-Watch views the upcoming polls in 2022 as an extremely important terrain that has to be engaged, and that would complement other accountability efforts. In this light, G-Watch is undertaking a series of citizenship education sessions in communities and cities all over the country that will aim to turn the 2022 elections as an accountability platform.

Entitled ‘Making Elections an Accountability Platform (MEAP),’ the said initiative aims to provide a safe and open platform for citizens, citizen groups and communities to collectively reflect on the situation of the country, reaffirm basic democratic values and processes and try to identify shared agenda in engaging the upcoming elections to get back on track on the agenda of democratic deepening in the Philippines. MEAP will also aim to be an opportunity for visioning among ordinary citizens – a collective re-claiming of our dreams and aspirations for the country and its future.

For the launching round in the coming weeks, at least 15 citizenship education sessions have been scheduled in 4-6 local G-Watch sites, starting with a session in Brgy. Mantahan in Maasin, Southern Leyte on June 24, Brgy. Labangon in Cebu on June 26, Brgy. Silangan in Quezon City on June 28 and Brgy. Poblacion 8 in Dumaguete on July 2.

To join and for more information, see, contact local G-Watch coordinators or message us at government_watch [at] or 0917-1860298.

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