Where to, Social Accountability? A Forum on the Direction and Priority Agenda for Transparency, Participation and Accountability

The start of the new administration once again brings up the question of what should be the role of civil society in the country’s development and governance. In the recent decades, Philippine civil society has championed advancing transparency, participation and accountability (TPA) reforms in governance, arguing it’s an effective and responsive solution to inefficiencies and corruption in government as well as a way to promote human rights and ensure citizen entitlements.

After decades of thinking and practice on TPA reforms and given the current changes in the political landscape of the Philippines mired by reported human rights crisis, rollback in open government and democratic gains, worsening poverty and worsening corruption, what should be the strategic direction of civil society in advancing TPA.

Government Watch (G-Watch) is an independent national citizen action and research organization that works to promote the deepening of democracy through the scaling of accountability and citizen empowerment. G-Watch has had two decades of experience in citizen monitoring and action research on transparency, participation and accountability and has published numerous publications on governance and political reforms, civil society and social movements.

With its organizational mandate to provide spaces to reflect on political and governance reforms and promote dialogues on transparency, participation and accountability (TPA), G-Watch is undertaking a series of post-elections consultations with partner and allies in civil society and government. The aim is to reflect on the outcome of the elections and explore strategic direction for TPA work in the locality.

G-Watch is co-convening a multi-stakeholder forum entitled “Where to, Social Accountability? Direction and Priority Agenda for Transparency, Participation and Accountability” in its local sites from July to September featuring resource persons from key government agencies and prominent civil society leaders. Representatives from government agencies shall share their most critical programs needing social accountability, while civil society leaders shall share their thoughts on what they deem as strategic direction for TPA at the national and local levels in the next 3-6 years.


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