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5 September - 1 October 2022
G-WATCH MONTH: Celebrating 22 Years of Doing Accountability Differently

In September this year, Government Watch (G-Watch) marks its 22nd anniversary. Established in 2000 in the wake of EDSA Dos and Joseph Estrada’s removal from the presidency, G-Watch began as the governance program of a university. Meant as a response to the plethora of corruption scandals involving senior government officials, Government Watch began one of the country’s earliest attempts at social accountability—training hundreds of citizen-volunteers to monitor the delivery of various public services.

15 July - 29 September 2022
Where to, Social Accountability? A Forum on the Direction and Priority Agenda for Transparency, Participation and Accountability
G-Watch localities

The start of the new administration once again brings up the question of what should be the role of civil society in the country’s development and governance. In the recent decades, Philippine civil society has championed advancing transparency, participation and accountability (TPA) reforms in governance, arguing it’s an effective and responsive solution to inefficiencies and corruption in government as well as a way to promote human rights and ensure citizen entitlements.

24 March - 9 April 2022
G-Watch Run-up To 2022 Elections Activities

G-Watch views the upcoming polls in 2022 as an extremely important terrain that has to be engaged, and that would complement other accountability efforts that are being undertaken before, after and beyond elections. In this light, G-Watch is undertaking a citizenship education initiative that aims to Make Elections an Accountability Platform (MEAP).

3 - 9 March 2022
G-Watch National Meeting & Learning Exchange 2022: Sustaining Citizen Monitoring Amid COVID

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, the world stood still. The ill-preparedness of the Philippine national government to handle a pandemic as huge as COVID-19 was very clear from the onset. The country’s health workers ended up taking most of the brunt of the pandemic because they were at the frontlines. Yet, health workers persevered to provide the badly needed health care and assistance to the people, especially those who were sick.

12 - 20 February 2022
#BawalAngFake! Tamang Impormasyon Para sa Makabuluhang Eleksyon: G-Watch’s 2022 Ako, Ikaw, Tayo May Pananagutan Awareness-Raising Campaign

Accurate, verifiable, complete and clear information is a pre-requisite of accountability. It is a potent tool for citizens to hold power to account. Even in the accountability field, there is the notion of ‘clear’ and ‘opaque’ transparency, and it is clear transparency that likely leads to ‘hard’ accountability.

24 June - 29 September 2021
Making Elections an Accountability Platform: G-Watch's Citizenship Education for 2022 (First Round)

The next national election is once again just around the corner. With the COVID-19 crisis, there are a lot of uncertainties in today’s politics and governance. For sure the 2022 polls will be very different given the ongoing health crisis.

While health threats will be a new critical concern that will change the way we campaign and vote, the continuing and worsening threats to democratic processes and values are issues that would also have to be confronted as we prepare for the 2022 elections.

15 September 2021
Usapang Pananagutan

Usapang Pananagutan: The Role of State Audit Institutions in Making COVID-19 Funds Accountable

Usapang Pananagutan is G-Watch's e-discussion series that aims to serve as a continuing platform for policy actors to discuss the state of accountability in the Philippines and identify ways to strengthen accountability in government.

Join us in our first session entitled "The Role of State Audit Institutions in Making COVID-19 Funds Accountable" on September 15, 2021 at 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM.

14 February 2021
Ako, Ikaw, Tayo, May Pananagutan

Ako, Ikaw, Tayo May Pananagutan 2021

In December 2019, a new deadly disease was discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan after an elderly man began exhibiting flu-like symptoms. Now known as COVID-19, this virus has since spread to 223 countries, prompting the World Health Organization to declare a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. The said UN agency further indicates that as of January 17 of this year, the virus has already infected over 93 million people and has claimed the lives of more than two million individuals.

9 - 12 December 2020
G-Watch on International Anti-Corruption Day

As part of the International Anti-Corruption Day 2020, G-Watch will hold a consultative dialogue among different government agencies and civil society organizations in Sibagat, Agusan del Sur on December 9, 1:00-4:00pm and in Marawi on December 12, 1:00-4:00pm. 

Adopted in October 2003 by the United Nations General Assembly, the annual International Anti-Corruption Day aims to raise awareness on the fight against corruption and specifically the role of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. 

11 - 25 February 2020


29 October 2022
A new national civil society network trained to monitor education budget and procurement

Last September 23-25, around 70 youth participants from the National Capital Region (NCR), Bicol, Palawan, Cebu, Northern Mindanao, and Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) came together to attend the Multiply-Ed Division-level and National-level Briefing Orientation Seminar to be held in Acacia Hotel, Davao City.

12 October 2022
G-Watch conducts discussion on 4Ps listing process

By: Victoria Maglanque 

Last July, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) announced that it will remove 1.3 million Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) beneficiaries as part of its efforts to clean the 4Ps list.[1] This generated renewed discussions about the program and the “worthiness” of some 4Ps beneficiaries to be included in it.

22 August 2022
Searching for TPA Direction in Agusan del Sur

By: Gary Garcia, Integrity Watch for Accountable Governance (IWAG)


Government Watch (G-Watch) conducted a forum on the direction and priority agenda for transparency, participation and accountability (TPA) under the new administration. Held last August 5, the forum was attended by key leaders from civil society, including Integrity Watch for Accountable Governance (IWAG), Bayugan City Pag-Asa Youth Association of the Philippines (BCPYAP) and Agusan Youth Alliance Network (AYAN), as well as allies from the local government of Sibagat.

25 July 2022
G-Watch Holds Discussion in Dumaguete on TPA Direction

Government Watch (G-Watch) conducted a forum on the direction and priority agenda for transparency, participation and accountability (TPA) under the new administration.

Held last July 15, the forum was attended by key leaders from civil society and allies from the local government of Dumaguete, the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation, the Local Youth Development Office and barangay officials of Balugo and Buñao.

25 July 2022
G-Watch Holds Series of Discussions with Bacolod Leaders and Activists

Government Watch (G-Watch) held a series of discussions with Bacolod activists and leaders that aim to reflect on and assess the result of the 2022 elections and the recent and ongoing reform campaigns of Bacolod social movements.

11 March 2022
Citizen Monitoring Group Calls on Voters to Turn the 2022 Polls Into an Accountability Platform

Accountability frontliners from various parts of the country have recently urged voters to turn the upcoming May elections into an “accountability process, where candidates have to be made answerable for their performance or lack thereof.” 

24 February 2022
G-Watch Holds Annual Accountability Awareness-Raising Campaign

On the third year of the pandemic, Government Watch (G-Watch) held its annual Ako, Ikaw, Tayo May Pananagutan accountability awareness-raising campaign last week.

6 December 2021
G-Watch Convenor-Director Delivers a Lecture on the "Right Vote" in 2022

Government Watch (G-Watch) Convenor-Director and Accountability Research Center research affiliate-adviser Joy Aceron delivered an online lecture on importance of the upcoming 2022 presidential elections. Held on 26 November 2021, the event was organized by the De La Salle University (DLSU) Integrated School Libraries and was attended by more 170 college and senior high school students. It was part of the University’s celebration of National Book Week, which had the theme “Why Choosing the Right Leader is Not a Laughing Matter?”

28 October 2021
G-Watch Holds Online Forum on the Auditing of COVD-19 Funds

Government Watch (G-Watch) recently organized an e-discussion on the role of the Commission on Audit (COA) in the handling of the government’s COVID-19 funds. Entitled Usapang Pananagutan: The Role of State Audit Institutions in Making COVID-19 Funds Accountable, the online forum was held on 15 September 2021, and was attended by about 80 participants and viewers from both government and civil society.

4 October 2021
G-Watch Kamustahan Held Online

G-Watch held its second online Kamustahan, convening its core leaders all over the country last Saturday, October 2. 

34 leaders attended from 11 G-Watch sites with the G-Watch Center team. The G-Watch sites represented were Puerto Princesa, Naga, Quezon City, Pasig, Dumaguete, Bohol, Tacloban, Southern Leyte, Bacolod, Agusan del Sur and Lanao del Sur. 

Before the meeting, G-Watch leaders were asked to fill up a survey to get inputs on the general situation of the country and in the G-Watch localities and to give feedback and direction on G-Watch work.