G-Watch Kamustahan Held Online

G-Watch held its second online Kamustahan, convening its core leaders all over the country last Saturday, October 2. 

34 leaders attended from 11 G-Watch sites with the G-Watch Center team. The G-Watch sites represented were Puerto Princesa, Naga, Quezon City, Pasig, Dumaguete, Bohol, Tacloban, Southern Leyte, Bacolod, Agusan del Sur and Lanao del Sur. 

Before the meeting, G-Watch leaders were asked to fill up a survey to get inputs on the general situation of the country and in the G-Watch localities and to give feedback and direction on G-Watch work. 

During the meeting, ample time was devoted for updating and greetings, giving everyone the opportunity to share where they are at these trying times.

Reviewing the result of the survey and discussing additional inputs, the following agenda were tackled: (1) key G-Watch accomplishments this year so far; (2) discussion on ‘accountability frontliners’; (3) situation analysis aand key issues confronting the country; and (4) what G-Watch can do more and better.

There is high recognition of the importance to continue G-Watch work of monitoring pandemic services as 'accountability frontliners.' Such role of accountability frontliners is embraced despite the threats posed by both COVID-19 and government repression. As one opined, "sometimes, being at the frontline, going to government offices despite the restrictions, is the only way vital information are made public." Another shared the importance of having G-Watchers seek feedback from the beneficiaries on the ground as no other group or institution is doing this. 

Continuing the work of providing a platform for collective reflection, assessment and agenda-setting for citizens this election through the Making Elections an Accountability Platform (MEAP) (see https://www.g-watch.org/think-piece/making-elections-accountability-plat...) has also been underscored. 

Key next steps were identified, as well as key agenda and issues to be explored.