BAGSAK! A Comprehensive Review of Independent Performance Assessments on the Philippine Government’s COVID-19 Response

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We looked at all readily-accessible independent assessments done on the response of the Duterte administration to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with G-Watch’s monitoring reports on the social amelioration program, vaccination and citizen health entitlements.

The general mark given by the 49 reports reviewed in this paper on the Duterte administration’s COVID-19 response is: ‘Bagsak.’

This review is part of G-Watch’s effort to advance accountability amid the pandemic. The goal is to provide a reference on what is the general independent verdict on the national government’s performance in responding to COVID-19. In light of the growing problems on misinformation and fake news, it is the aim of this paper to form part of an oversight that speaks truth to power.

The paper also listed key recommendations from the assessments to improve the country’s disaster response and management.

G-Watch thanks all the organizations and institutions that had independently documented and assessed the COVID-19 response of the Duterte administration. We are optimistic that our efforts have been worthwhile in shedding light to the Philippine pandemic response leading to a more accountable and responsive disaster governance in the country.