Documentation Report on the 2022 G-Watch National Meeting and Learning Exchange: Learning With, For and About ‘Accountability Frontliners’

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Last March 3-8, 2022, Government Watch (G-Watch), in collaboration with Accountability Research Center, convened its leaders all over the country for its first national in-person event: the 2022 G-Watch national meeting and learning exchange held in Pasig and Baguio. The learning exchange centered on understanding how G-Watch sustained its citizen monitoring during pandemic by learning with, from and about accountability frontliners. This documentation report presents the highlights of the learning exchange, covering the following key questions: 

  • Who are the accountability frontliners and what motivated them to go the frontlines despite the pandemic? How do accountability frontliners understand their role? What does being on the frontline entail and how are these qualities, attributes and capacities built?
  • What mobilized/ activated, enabled and sustained G-Watch accountability frontliners? What protocols, measures, tools, processes, approaches helped to ensure monitoring on the ground was done effectively and safely?
  • What have G-Watch and its partner/ allied organizations achieved despite the pandemic and a repressive/ fascistic national government? How did we adapt/ adjust to the challenges posted by the COVID pandemic and fascistic policies of the government?
  • What were the major constraints and hindering factors in the work of accountability frontliners? How was the interface and coordination with the government and other policy actors?
  • How do we mobilize and enable more accountability frontliners? How do we promote the role of accountability frontliners?
  • How can international and national organizations best support accountability frontliners, especially community-based accountability activists in a way that is sustainable, will protect them from the unique risks and challenges that they face and will ensure that they keep the authenticity and groundedness of their actions, while helping to elevate their perspectives, voices and ideas to a broader audience?

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