G-Watch Monitoring of Social Assistance in Lanao del Sur: A Report on Field Validation Findings

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This report presents the findings of G-Watch independent validation of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) specifically in four (4) barangays of Marawi City and 1 barangay of Maguing, Lanao del Sur. Conducted in May to July 2020, the result of the field survey by accountability frontliners of G-Watch Marawi showed key gaps and challenges in the delivery of social assistance in Lanao del Sur. Non-compliance to standards were persistent, specifically the mandated process of filling-up the social amelioration card and the expected time the cash assistance was to be received. There is a clear gap in the information and guidance that clarifies to beneficiaries what to expect, especially the additional assistance to be received by 4Ps beneficiaries. The GRS in Lanao del Sur is almost totally unutilized, a clear accountability gap in the delivery of social assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.   


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Survey Process

Profile of the Respondents


  1. Did the target beneficiaries receive the intended SAP assistance?
  2. Did the target Beneficiaries receive the right amount of SAP assistance?
  3. Was the SAP assistance provided at the right time?
  4. Did the right beneficiaries receive the SAP assistance?
  5. Were the right processes followed?
  6. Use of Grievance Redress System (GRS)
  7. On Performance and Trust

Summary of Findings