Have loans helped the citizen engagement and accountability mechanisms in Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) to continue amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

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This paper presents the findings of G-Watch monitoring on whether and how citizen engagement and accountability mechanisms of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) have remained active despite the pandemic. The research involved reviewing relevant loan documents with the World Bank to establish whether loans entered into by the government for 4Ps included prescribed citizen engagement and accountability mechanisms. The bigger part of the research involved checking the actual operations of the citizen engagement and accountability mechanisms in local G-Watch sites through field survey with 4Ps beneficiaries, which was conducted at the onset of the pandemic last year. 

Overall, while the commitments in the loan agreements provided the policy handles useful in ensuring that the government maintain the citizen engagement and accountability mechanisms in 4Ps even amid the pandemic, the impact of the pandemic on these mechanisms is undeniable.

While DSWD had made efforts to adjust, it was not sufficient to ensure meaningful citizen engagement and effective accountability in 4Ps and other social assistance during the pandemic. This clearly indicates the need for more proactive and affirmative support in ensuring that the citizen engagement and accountability commitments in loan agreements are operationalized and realized on the ground, especially at the time of crisis.       

Table of Contents

Background and Overview (4)

4Ps and International Financing (5)

World Bank 4Ps Loans During COVID (9)

Citizen engagement and accountability mechanisms in World Bank operations (10)

The Social Welfare Development and Reform Project II (“SWDRP II”) (11)

Philippines Emergency COVID-19 Response Loan (“ECRL”)  (12)

Accountability mechanisms in actual 4Ps operations during COVID-19 (13)

1. What processes and activities of 4Ps are operational/active this pandemic?

2. Was there a consultation about the needs of 4Ps beneficiaries this pandemic?

3. On the use of the GRM

4. What have been the changes in 4Ps this pandemic?

5. Do you have added activities as 4Ps beneficiaries this pandemic?

6.     How satisfied are you with the assistance extended to you as 4Ps beneficiaries

during this pandemic?

Summary of Findings and Conclusions (25)

References (29)